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Different types of races

Types of Races

  • ASRC Monthly Race.

  • Regional Races.

  • Club Nationals

  • GBR Series and National Championships.

Between regionals, club nationals and the GBR / champs there is usually an increase in complexity of courses.

Club Expectations
Group 1 (or those looking to join group 1) should be racing at national level up to and including
championships (minimum of 3 races plus group 2 and 3 expectations).
Group 2 should be racing at least in regional races and at higher end should be racing at least at Club National events (minimum of 3 races plus group 3 expectations).
Group 3 should be racing in regional races once cleared to race in the monthly race. Ideally 3 regional races but please don’t over race in the first year as training is also very important.

Race Support
Coaching team intend to provide support at some races but this can be dependent on resources and logistics.
Racer Reps, experienced athletes and experienced parents are on hand at all local and most national races to help with logistics, course inspection, equipment preparation and general questions. Please do make yourself known and ask for support.
This year we have had coaching support at Aldershot SSS and Southampton SSS but no nationals.
The intention is to support remaining SSS races and perhaps one or two nationals before the summer break.

It is recommended that parents and older athletes take the level 1 course online (around 45 minutes) as this will give an understanding of the basic rules including correct passage through gates

Monthly Race
All members are allowed to take part although new athletes should check with the coaches if they are ready.
Format is varied depending on where we are in the season to give athletes experience of several different race formats.
May start with best run of three then move to best two runs from three then emulate club national and even championship format.
Race results are used to calculate club seed points and also the club championship results.
Club seed points are used for the start order in monthly races, occasionally for placings in team events,and of course to monitor progression.
Note - Seed points are the way in skiing that we rank the participants nationally and we have our own for the purposes already mentioned. Calculating seed points is relatively straight forward but will require another session. In the meantime if anyone has questions please ask.

Regional Races
There are two main regions in which we race; Snowsport South (SSS) and London and South East Region Ski Association (LSERSA).
Although regional races should be entry level and of a similar standard LSERSA courses tend to be a bit harder. For both regions, the results for U12 and below are calculated on the best run of three and for U14+ are calculated on the best two runs from three.
Snowsport South Slopes this year are Aldershot, Bowles, Chatham and Southampton.
LSERSA slopes this year are Aldershot, Bowles, Brentwood and Chatham.
Typical Regional Race Day (Check race bulletin for proper timing).
Programme generally starts at 08:00. Recommend arriving early to give time to find the slope, get set up and athlete kitted up ready for when warm up starts can get very busy.

Bib collection – you should advise at this point if it is not possible for you to stay until the end, we
strongly encourage all athletes getting the most out of the day and supporting the club including at the prize giving. Warm up where SSS is through the course and LSERSA is free skiing (no course).

Three timed runs.
Break while dual slalom course set.
Individual head to heads.

Please plan on staying for this section as points are available for the season championship.

Club team race – athletes for the club teams will normally be selected based on their fastest time from the first 2 runs. LSERSA run stubby teams, SSS run full gate teams only and stubby racers do not
normally end up in the club teams.

Scratch team race – the race organiser will put these teams together from all those not in a club team,
The teams are designed to be of a similar level to each other based on the results from earlier in the day so are a great chance to get on the podium irrelevant of your level of experience. Prizegiving generally around 16:00.

Entries for LSERSA and SSS are through

Entries for ERSA races are through their web

Both sites require registration which can take some time, please don’t leave until the last minute when entering your first race. also provide live results and times for the event. We do however strongly encourage watching the athletes and not your phones.

Club Nationals
Entry level for national seeded races. Athletes need to have a Snowsport England (or Snowsport Wales) competition licence to be included on the national seed lists. Registration is via the JOIN button on the Snowsport England home page (not sure about
Wales or Scotland):

If only one or two events are being attended in a year a day licence can be purchased.

All in Group 2 should be looking to register and compete in Club National races, registration renews in October so it may be best to wait to register for next year. Races can be entered in the meantime with a day licence. Registration for U12’s is free for the first year.
Indoor and Outdoor events with each having different seed lists (oBARTS and iBARTS).
For U10 and U12 racers the best time from the three runs is used for the results and for the U14+ racers the best time from the first two runs is added to the third run time for the results.
Local slopes where Club Nationals are held include Chatham, Gloucester, Ipswich, Norwich and Welwyn. Details for each race can be found in the “Invitation” document within the calendar on
Typical Club National Race Day (Check race bulletin for proper timing).
Programme generally starts at 08:00. Warm up - Free Skiing. Course setting. Course Inspection.

Two timed runs - Females then males then U12.
There is protocol for races and best to discuss this with a more experienced racer or parents at the first couple of events you attend. 
Lunch break.
One timed run in reverse order.
Protocol for third run.

Entries through the Snowsport England Competition Entry Site. It is necessary to register for this web site separately to the Snowsport England registration. Who has entered can also be found on the site up until the race closes, entry (Acceptance) list will then be published in the GB
Ski calendar. The running order will also be published on GBSKi, normally the day before the race and links to live timing can be found there as well (if there is any). Results and seed points are then published after the event.

You do not get emailed or reminded by these systems, it is up to you to go in and check the updated documents and timings.

GBR Series and Championships
Highest level of racing in the UK.
For U10 and U12 racers the best time from two runs is used for the results. For U14+ racers the time from run one is added to the time for run two for the results. Each run is on a separate course with course inspection before each run. For U10 and U12, the same course is skied twice and the fastest run time is taken.

Championship slopes include Chatham, Norwich, Gloucester, Pontypool (Wales), Llandudno (Wales), Swadlincote, Sunderland, Hill End (Scotland) and Kilternan (Ireland).

Typical Championship Race Day (Check race bulletin for proper timing).

Programme generally starts at 08:00.
Warm up - Free Skiing.
Course setting.
Course Inspection.
First timed run - Females then males then U12.
Second U12 timed run.
Protocol for the first run.
Lunch break.
Course setting.
Course inspection.
Second timed run.
Protocol for the second run.
Entries through the Snowsport England Competition entry site.

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