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Training & Racing



All groups train regularly twice a week. This is typically on a Wednesday and a Sunday. We expect a good regular turnout from the athletes at training sessions as part of their membership and we operate all year round. Our calendar of training times can be found in the Calendar menu link.




ASRC is a racing club. We do expect our athletes to race and represent the club during the summer artificial race season. The UK racing circuit can seem a bit complex so a very brief introduction is below for those starting out. You will find, as you get more involved, you will  pick up on which races are good to do and how it all works.


We don’t provide coaching at races but we do support parents and athletes as a team as much as we can. Experienced parents are always around to help advise on what to do and the older athletes will always support the younger and less experienced with activities such as inspecting courses. There is often a team element to a race and we aim to allocate the role of coordinator to an experienced parent at each event to decide on the team and organise our parents to help out with the running of the race. Races need all the parental help they can get. Ideally we would like all our parents to have completed the Snowsport England Level 1 Officials training so they can help in an official capacity (if you don’t do the training you can still help and will be expected to. You will just get the boring jobs instead!).

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