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As a club we have grown significantly over the past 10 years. We accommodate as many athletes as we can, typically between the ages of 8 and 18, but we do have limited space on the slope at Aldershot and the number of training slots we can get. 

We have three groups within the club. Athletes progress through each group as their ability develops but there are overlaps in age, ability and when you joined the club. The group you are in should therefore not matter to you too much. We have a dedicated team of very experienced coaches who train the athletes all year round. They treat each athlete as an individual with the exercises and aims of a particular session.  Each group trains twice a week for 50 weeks per year. 


During the winter months the coaches focus on all of the technical aspects of skiing and in the summer, during the main artificial race calendar, training focuses  more on racing. 

We offer continuous membership for a monthly subscription. Members can attend up to two 90-minute training sessions per week. At times of reduced attendance, reduced coach availability or mechanical issues with the slope lifts, training sessions may be amalgamated or cancelled at short notice. Any surplus from membership fees is reinvested into the club. In exceptional circumstances, membership can be suspended for short durations. Fees are collected on 15th of each month for that calendar month.Monthly fees are payable for any part of a month at the times of joining and terminating club membership.

Reasons for variations in payment of membership fees:

1) Alpine training - reduced membership fee:
If a racer is committed to an Alpine Race Club and participating in their winter training programme lasting at least 8 weeks long, they may request to pay 50% membership for a period of up to 4 months maximum. The racer must demonstrate that they will be competing in Alpine races during this time. Please email the club treasurer and chair with any such request. Once approved by the Committee, payment plans will be updated.

2) Reimbursement for long term Injury:
If a racer sustains an injury that means they miss 6 weeks of more of training, a request can be made to the treasurer and chair for reimbursement of 66% of the fees for that period. Medical evidence of injury must be provided to demonstrate training was not possible. Once approved by the Committee, payment will be reimbursed.


We do, from time to time, organise trial sessions for those interested in joining. At this session we can advise if your child is ready to join. We do not select on skiing ability alone. There is a minimum standard of skiing required to safely join our training sessions; in general terms, this to be able to link parallel turns. We also carefully assess the attitude of the individual towards the sport and their ability to learn as part of a group. We run a three month probation period where the attitude and appetite of the athlete to develop is reviewed. Subject to the above, we take everyone on a first come, first served basis and we run a waiting list to facilitate this. As soon as there is space available, we take on new members. If the athlete is not quite ready to join the team, advice will be given on any next steps needed to be considered in the future. We would encourage an early interest as we do have a long waiting list.


Should you wish to join ASRC please contact 

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